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Lathe specification.
Manufacturer  TOS
Model SN71 x 4000
Serial Number  
Diameter over bed (Max) 720mm
Diameter over cross slide (Max)  460mm
Capacity in gap (max)  960mm x 300mm
Length between centres (Max)  4000mm
Diameter of hole through spindle  77mm
Spindle nose fitting  Din 8
Spindle speed range 10 - 1600 rpm
Number of spindle speeds  
Main motor output  7.5kW
Taper in tailstock No 5 Morse
Operating dimensions 6 metres x 1.5 metres
Shipping dimensions 6000 x 1000
Weight approx. 4000kg


These are re built to the same geometrical standards as new machines. New bearings throughout, new clutch plates, new electrics throughout, any damaged parts are replaced. Typically the machines are metric, DIN fitting. There is abviously a cost saving & usually an advantage on delivery time. Exactly how much depends on how you spec them. This is a TOS SN71 x 4000 with standard equipment. The saving to the customer was approx. 30% of the price of a new machine & the lead time was halved.

Only SN50 & SN71 are offered.

Price EXW  POA